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$2500 in cash prizes
will be awarded

Grab a friend, co-worker, family member or spouse to attend this year’s Health Expo and Step Up into a new you for summer!

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Step Up Registration & FREE Health Expo
Tuesday, April 21 • 2:00-7:00pm
Storey Gym, 2810 House Ave.
Cost to participate in Step Up Cheyenne is $10 (cash or check accepted)
• You will be officially weighed-in and receive your member ID number and a FREE pedometer
(first 1200).
• You will be weighed by a weight loss professional & your weight will remain confidential.
• There will be area vendors providing information on health, wellness & fitness.

Step Up Introduction
Step Up Cheyenne Introduction/Smart Weight Loss
April 28 • Laramie County Library • 6-7pm
This is your chance to learn successful strategies to begin this year’s challenge. Also, get your questions answered about the challenge itself. Find out what is new and different.

Activities and Workshops

ZUMBA class
Friday May 1 • 5:30pm
Act II Studio
(New location near the Pointe)
1212 Spirit Lane
Zumba is a great way to ditch the workout and join the party! The class works for everyone as Bradshaw will modify the dancing for each individual! Bad knees? No problem! Can’t make all of the turns in the combination? An alternative will be offered! Perfect for all ages and an awesome way to burn those unwanted calories with much needed fun!
Presented by Michaela Bradshaw

Manage Your Stress
Tuesday, May 12 • 6:00pm
Laramie County Library
Participants will learn basic information about stress, and how to evaluate stress and practice developing effective stress-coping strategies.
Presented by Christine Pasley, B.S., M.Ed.

Yoga - Undwind & Rejuvenate
Mon, May 4 • 12-12:45pm
Wed, May 6 • 12-12:45pm
Fri, May 8 • 12-12:45pm
Mon, May 4 • 12-12:45pm
Little Lotus Yoga Studio
110 E. Lincolnway Unit D
This lunchtime flow is a blend of releasing morning stresses and recharging to get through the afternoon. Concentrate on opening those tense ares of the body from sitting in chairs and working at computers all day (hips, chest, neck, wrists, etc.). Breathing techniques will also be incorporated to help keep stress at bay.
Presented by Sarah Oldenburg

Think Outside the Gym -
Body Weight Group
Workout Circuit

Thursday, May 14 • 5:30
Mary’s Fitness
5401 Walker Rd • 640-4097
Don’t belong to a gym and want to get a good workout at home? Here’s a workout that you can do at home without the use of fancy equipment. This balanced workout not only will strengthen your muscles, but will rev your metabolism to help you lose fat!

Rest Your Body
Wednesday, May 27 • 6:00pm
Laramie County Library
Participants will assess how well they currently sleep and learn the basics of sleep. You will learn strategies to sleep better. In addition, you will learn about common sleep disorders.
Presented by Christine Pasley, B.S., M.Ed.

Fit Wall Demo
Saturday, May 30 • 10:30am
Thursday, June 4 • 6:30pm
Learn about Vertical Training and FitWall, a workout for any age and fitness levels. A total body workout in 30 minutes that is equivelant to hours in the gym.
Presented by: Fitwall Certified Fitness Trainers.

 *Fitwall is also offering every Step Up participant a free month of their program!

Financial Health is Within Reach
Tuesday, June 2 • 6:00pm
Laramie County Library
Statistics prove that people do not plan to fail they simply fail to plan. This “How Money Works” workshop will teach you strategies to pay off your debt 8-10 year sooner often using the same amount of money, retirement and investment strategies, the high cost of waiting, tax free investment strategies, how life insurance really works ... and more!
Presented by Odion Oisamoje, Registered Principal, and Robin Jankowski, Managing Principal of Primerica Financial Services.

The First Step to Quality Health Care Starts with You
Tuesday, June 16 • 6:00pm
Laramie County Library
Understand there are preventive services that are free with your health insurance plan. Get comfortable choosing a doctor that meets your needs. Learn to use your coverage more effectively.
Presented by Enroll Wyoming

Yoga in the Park
Saturday, June 20 • 9am
Lion’s Park, Near Amphiteatre
For those new to yoga as well as intermediate practitioners. This will be a Vinyasa Flow class which is sometimes referred to as “Power Yoga” and can be as challenging as you wish to make it. Please bring a yoga mat or a towel and water, don’t forget sunscreen.
Taught by: Joelea Walker

FINAL weigh-in and Walk/Run Challenge
Thursday, June 25 • Mylar Park - Greenway • 6:00pm

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